Pre-mom years, I worked in a busy Oncology/Hematology office for ten years!  This job taught me how to be a multi-tasking wizard, be responsible for very sick patients, and have an understanding that no matter how bad my day was, it had nothing on my patients!  

I used to think, why would I ever run?  Only if someone was chasing me!  I hated running, like really hated it!  Peer pressure would solve that, though.  I was supposed to run a 5K with my girlfriends in 2009, but one by one, they dropped out.  I struggled with the 5K training, but being a very goal oriented person, I kept training. I refused to drop out.  I ran that 5K and have been hooked ever since!
I enjoy the "me" time that running affords me. The time to clear my head and  just be me. I also realized that I could listen to music while running that wasn't from a Disney movie.  That was a huge plus. I've since ditched the music and now enjoy the sounds of nature and my surroundings.  My passion is to help others, and one of my proudest accomplishments is when someone tells me that they started running because of me.   I look forward to learning about another side of running through timing.  As a runner, I know how important it is to get the results right!

Mom, wife, and runner ..........
I have two children.  My daughter 
Riley, is eleven, and my son Colin,
is eight.  My husband, Chris, and I have been married for nearly 
eighteen years.  I started running
in 2009. I'm a total Midwest girl, 
born and raised. Originally from Ohio, I moved to New England after Chris graduated from college. 

Donte Servidone, Assistant Timer

I enjoy art, nature, infrastructure, and architecture. I never dreamed of doing work for runners but now that I work for The EMPIRE Timing Co. and in order to better understand the sport, I am planning to take up running and train for a 5k road race. It will be a difficult task since I have only run occasionally but I am looking forward to the challenge. 

My accomplishments go further. While attending Newington High School, I received the Physical Science Award, the Chemistry Award and I achieved membershipin the Science National Honors Society. While attending Tunxis Community College, where I am studying engineering science, I made the Dean’s List, and was also accepted into the Epsilon Pi Tau International Honors Society for Technology. I attended the induction ceremony, along with my family and some of my classmates and new friends. I am planning to transfer to Central Connecticut State University where I will major in civil engineering.

I am aspiring to accomplish my goals in life and I look forward to helping the EMPIRE Timing Co. to grow and succeed. 

Salena Chatman, Assistant Timer

I am a lifelong resident of Newington, CT. My goal is to get the job done carefully and correctly. I am detail oriented and want to accomplish tasks in anefficient manner. Working for The EMPIRE Timing Co. is encouraging me to multitask. My hobby is making art, such as drawings and sculptures – this allows me to be creative and use my imagination.

The EMPIRE Timing Co. - Staff